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Box of popcorn for a romantic movie night in.

Our top ten romantic movies for a great romantic Valentine's night in

Movie and a date is a match made in heaven. Whether you are planning to watch it on a huge screen or rent a DVD to watch at home, a good movie can start a conversation and break the ice. So in case you are looking for the right movie that is ideal for a romantic night in, here are some of our recommendations.

This rundown of romantic movies is ideal to watch during the Valentine season or just about any time that you want a romantic date with your partner. If you want to accentuate the mood, you can include a bottle of champagne and a sumptuous dinner for a night that both of you will truly remember.

Top 10 Romantic Movies

1. French Kiss - The movie starring the queen of feel-good romantic movies-Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline tackles about the fear of a woman to ride an airplane and preventing her from following her fiance which is currently in Paris. While her fiance is in Paris, he was seduced by a woman, and he decided to call of their wedding. Determined to win back the love of her life, she decided to fly to Paris immediately. While in Paris she stumbled upon a petty thief played by Kline that lead to an interesting twist of events.

2. Somewhere in Time - A classic movie about a writer that utilised a self hypnosis after he saw a picture of a woman. Starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve, the story revolves around the determination of Reeve in Meeting the woman he saw in the picture.

3. Can't Buy Me Love - In case you want to watch a classic teen flick, Can't Buy Me Love starring Amanda Peterson and Patrick Dempsey would be one of the great romantic movies to watch. It is about a nerdy student who went into a deal with a hot chick to be his girlfriend. Days passed by, and the woman started to fall in love with him, but he can hardly notice it due to the newfound fame.

4. Bull Durham - released in the year 1988 this romantic comedy film starred Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and Kevin Costner. A perfect movie for a romantic night in.

5. Emma-Emma- is an adaptation of the popular novel written by Jane Austen. A great movie and a date that will be memorable for both of you.

6. The Sound of Music - Another classic tale of love that is set in the year 1930 wherein a young lady decided to leave the convent to take care of 7 kids of Captain Plummer.

7. Out of Africa - one of the best romantic movies starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. This is about a Danish woman who married her friend for advantage.

8. Return to Me - It is about a man whose life was suddenly changed after he lost his wife. He fell in love with a woman who receives a heart transplant. Unfortunately, complication arises upon discovering that her heart came from the deceased wife of the man. One of the most recommended movies for a romantic night in.

9. Notting Hill - This list of movie and a date will not be complete without this romantic movie starring Julia Roberts. It's about an owner of a bookstore who fell in love with an exceptionally popular actress.

10. While You Were Sleeping - Another perfect movie for a romantic night in, starring Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock. This movie will literally sweep you off your feet.

These are the top 10 romantic movies that are perfect for a romantic night in. When you are looking for a great movie and a date that will set the right mood, consider renting this movie for a lovely date.

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