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Be romantic and keep the flame alive with these simple yet effective gestures

Being romantic not only when you are dating someone, but also when your relationship actually has begun is extremely important. This can help you keep the flame alive and is a great way to express your love to your partner. Some may think that this is difficult and requires a lot of effort and resources. But the truth is, everyone can be romantic, it is not the big things but the little gestures that can mean a lot to your partner. The following gestures are simple, but can really help you be more romantic, make your loved one happier and enhance your relationship.

Make Gifts for no Reason

Remember that gifts are presented not only on Valentine's Day and birthdays. A simple gift like chocolate and flowers, a CD of your partner's favourite artist or band, or a book is one of those little surprises that can make anyone smile, especially when carefully chosen to fit his or her personality. This is an awesome romantic gesture that shows to your partner that you care, and you've put thought into the gift.

Send a Sweet Text Message Every Now And Then

Send a sweet and playful text message every now and then to your loved one without any reason. Doing this while at work or preoccupied with something else is a really easy yet effective way to show that you think about him or her and break the routine. However, be sure not to go to extremes as you don't want to be annoying and make your loved one feel smothered. One message a day is just enough.

Be Spontaneous and Surprising

Being spontaneous is another great way to break the routine and surprise your partner. Most are spontaneous only while dating, but once the relationship starts, they settle into a routine that can become tedious and dull. Instead, bring excitement to your relationship and often do something different and surprising. This will keep the romantic flame alive and will enhance your relationship.

Leave Romantic Sticky Notes

Leaving sweet and thoughtful notes around the house is another romantic gesture that might seem insignificant to you, but can make your partner's day. This is most effective when your loved one finds the note when you are not around. You can put a sticky note with short romantic message on the fridge door or the bathroom mirror when you leave earlier for your job. That way, he or she will certainly see it and be pleasantly surprised.

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