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Best ways to make a good first impression during the first date

Dating is a very complicated process especially the first date. Men always want to give a good first impression; unfortunately, because they are thinking too much about how they will act and too conscious about how they look, they end up doing the opposite. In the end, getting that great first impression is basically just common sense.

Grooming Can Make or Break the First Date

In case you still don't know, women have a tendency to notice everything. They may even notice the things that you are not aware of; your hair, your style, little action, perfume, clothes and even your aftershave skin care. You need to give her the impression that you took time to prepare for this date in order to achieve your smart appearance.


There are different types of perfume designed for different types of first date. If you think you can just get away with any type of cologne, then you are mistaken. Women will always notice if you take some time in thinking about the perfume that you will wear. In case you want to have a clean scent, you need to choose a perfume that offers a vibrant and lively nature scent. This type of perfume is perfect for the first date that involves outdoor activities and adventures. If you want to smell sophisticated, find a perfume that has a classic scent such as Versace cologne. Versace Cologne will be ideal to wear during the night. In case the first date will be casual, find a perfume with a milder scent. Guilty will give you that soft scent but without smelling emasculate.


When it comes to the style, you need to assume a smart appearance. Most guys will immediately settle for khaki, but we forbid you from wearing that. Give your khaki a rest; you are going to a date and not to a workplace. Normally you want to be dressier than the basic jeans, but you need to be a bit casual than khaki.

The trend nowadays is to wear dark jeans. When it comes to the clothes, refrain from wearing striped shirts. You want to stand out from the crowd so she will be able to notice you instantly but not in a wrong way. Wear a coat that has a jewel tone and just a white shirt inside.


Scent is essential for ladies, and they are basing highly their first impression if they like the scent of the guy or not. You need to put on an aftershave but be sure that it is just enough. You do not want it to be strong that your date will choke on your aftershave scent, and you don't want it to be too mild that it will fail to leave an impression.

Proper grooming, style of your clothes, scent of your aftershave and perfume is essential in order to get that good lasting impression during the first date.

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