Ideas for where to go on a perfect date.

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Ideas for where to go on a perfect date.

The Assault Course

Whether it's a tree top course or something more down-to-earth, assault courses are a fun way to exercise.

Tey require so much concentration that theere'll be no time for awkwardness.

Sunday Morning

Dinner dates are so out of fashion! Why not invite your date to Sunday brunch. A more relaxed environment means you'll find it easier to talk and it could be the start of something great.

Home-Cooked Meal

Impress your date with your culinary skills. Invite them over and get working your magic in the kitchen.

Cook them a tried and tested favourite to win over their heart and their stomach.

Grab Some Vitamin Sea

There's nothing more romantic than getting back to nature with your date. try our coastal date idea. Take a trip to the coast together. Walk along the shore and watch the sunset over the sea.

Challenge each other to find something in the rock pools. You can't do this indoors in front of the TV.

Ten Pin Bowling

Competitiveness, action and fun. The little time between games that could become awkward can be filled with talk of how the gane's going, and exclamations of "if only that last one had fallen down..."

I Like You A Latte...

It's a classic, but hey it works!

Grabbing coffee together for your first date gives you a great setting, plus caffeine!

Costume Changes

Picka a date venue that matches your work dress code. If the venue is smarter than you look, changing your shoes can make a lot of difference.

Adding jewellery and spraying perfume or aftershave onto a plain outfil can also give the instant impression that you have made some effort.


Pack a picnic and ride bikes together. The great thing about cycling is you can do it anywhere - whether you live in the city or in the countryside.

Want to ramp up the romance? Why not hire a tandem?

Two Thousand And Ate-Teen

Find a dining experience near you taht likes to experiment with cuisine.

Order a meal frozen in liquid nitrogen and marvel at futuristic foods together!

Something S'more

Invite your date along to a campfire with friends or create your own and huddle around it under a cosy blanket.

You can toast some marshmallows or enjoy some hot chocolate whilst talking the evening away! This date idea could light your dates fire!

(Star)Gaze Into Their Eyes

What could be more romantic than driving out into the night, parking up and looking up at the starlit sky in the arms of the one you love?

Better yet, why not watch the sunset too? This idea will earn you some serious credit with your match!

Puppy Love

Find your local dog shelter and volunter to walk some canine cuties!

You'll have lots to talk about with your date, as well as some extra company in the form of a furry friend!

Food Festivals

Where better to get your fill of all the great food groups than a food festival? Soak up the bustling atmosphere whilst getting to know your match.

Maybe stay away from the messy eats though!

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