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Man feeling sad after a relationship breakup

Getting over a failed relationship

Since the beginning of the time when romantic relationships were in human communities, there have always been fall outs. You feel hurt and incomplete after a failed relationship, but there are many ways to get back up and move on with your life.

Girl sat on bed thinking of the things she would like in a new partner.

Making a wish list of your potential partner in life

According to the Law of Attraction, everything that you asked for would come to you if you think about it so hard and persevere. When writing down the characteristics that you would like to see in a person here are some things that you should consider.

Guy laid on bed drinking coffee searching for a date on his laptop

Dating online in the 21st Century

Nobody ever said that trying to find a potential romantic partner over the internet was going to be an easy task. Love can and does happen for thousands of people every year so it's not an option to overlook if your in the race to find love.

Girl finding clothes for a man to wear on his dating profile picture.

What clothes work best in your online dating profile?

According to leading dating experts it's simple to impress in your dating profile all you need is just 4 very varied photos from glam, casual, gym to sun-kissed. Securing a date is all down to what you're wearing on your profile picture.

Single guy with beard holding up camera to take a selfie of himself

Why a selfie lover should be the one to avoid.

Selfies are all the rage but why should you avoid the person that puts one on their online dating profile? It's not that they are vain or love to stand arms outstretched taking pics of themselves it's down to some new research.

Single guy holding a laptop with Singles 4 Love website on the screen

Common mistakes to avoid if you want to date like a pro.

Everybody makes mistakes it's only natural but there are some mistakes you could be making that you didn't even know about. The common mistakes online daters are making could be jeopardizing their chances of finding the ideal soulmate before they even start.

Guy looking at his mobile phone while dating online

Online Dating - the information you need to know

Still single? Still looking for that perfect date? Well worry no more as we have some amazing tips and advice to help improve your bio, picture and messages that will give your online dating a kickstart in the right direction.

Young single guy looking at his mobile screen and smiling.

The most awful dating disasters for singles revealed

The most awful dating disasters for singles revealed - including one in twenty landing themselves in hospital after hurting themselves while out on a date. Brits go through 6 bad dates a year so just what else can go wrong on a date? let's find out.

 profile pictures of online daters

Discover the golden secret of internet dating

There's vast amounts of statistical data on how dating site members interact with dating sites and scientists and psychologists are now using this plethora of data to delve deeper into our human behaviour to discover the golden rules of dating. Just what is the Golden key to success?

Man and woman looking surprised

Dating traditions from around the world

Love is a difficult game to play at the best of times and it gets a lot harder to figure out as you travel around the world. To help guide you on the right path of love here are some of the funny and strange customs and etiquette from different countries around the world.

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