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Singles Awareness Day

Singles awareness day Feb 15th

Valentine's Day is over. The couples have had their day. Now it's our time to shine...

Happy Singles Awareness Day! If you're unattached, you've come to the right place. Singles 4 Love is full of all sorts of singles waiting to hear from you, so from this moment on, let's join the reLOVEution, unite and come together.

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February is the month of Love

February is the month of Love

February has arrived and with it brings Valentine's day for singles it's the dreaded day of the year with shops full of Valentine's cards and presents. But it's still not too late to find the person of your dreams if you act fast. Join us here at Singles 4 Love and start your search for love.
If you're not fussy or just curious you can look through all of our members. If you've got a type, or want to find a certain type of person, adjust your search filters on the left of the screen. Once you find someone who catches your eye, spark up conversation for free! Break the ice by asking them questions or simply ask how their day is going.
Be complimentary, positive and charming, then you'll be sure to win their hearts. Remember - it's only the first message you send to each person that's free, so make it count! What are you waiting for? Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Take advantage of free messaging and write to your beau today...

Christmas is the time for romance

Dating at Christmas with Singles 4 Love

Tis the season to be single, fa la la la la, la la la la. Christmas is the most social time of the year with the cold weather giving you the perfect excuse for cuddling and snuggling together in front of a warm cosy fire. Who wouldn't want to spend the festive season with the girl or boy of their dreams. Being single at Christmas is no fun when there's partying to be done. This time of the year brings lots of opportunities to meet new people. Plus, the closer we get to the big day singletons often tend to take stock of their lives and become more interested in finding somebody special to share it with.

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dating in different parts of the world

Love is a difficult game to play at the best of times and it gets a lot harder to figure out as you travel around the world. If you think it's easy to offend somebody in this country then you will have no problem when you cross into different territories. Around the world there are many different and varied customs when it comes to building relationships and dating.

A trip to Poland could see you being brushed by a man with a pussy willow branch as he looks for a mate, or in Bali you may have to fight with thorny leaves and bamboo shields while your mate watches on from a hand cranked Ferris wheel that doesn't stop till the fighting has finished.

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looking for love?

Then you need to understand what you have to offer. Love means sharing yourself with someone else who accepts you for who you are. Before you can expect someone else to accept you, though, you must know what "self" you are projecting. Think about these questions ...

  • What are your best qualities?
  • What do you like to do with your time?
  • What do you love about yourself?
  • What would you like to work on?

Your answers will help paint a picture of the "you" you are offering to your potential partner.

how to increase romance in your relationship

    It doesn't have to be about extravagant gifts or expensive meals, flowers or chocolate. In fact, the most simple things can foster a healthy relationship. Why not try one of these simple thing habits to get the romance flowing.

  • Go to bed at the same time
  • Cultivate common interests
  • Walk hand in hand or side by side
  • Make trust and forgiveness a default mode
  • Focus more on what your partner does right vs. what they do wrong
  • Hug each other after you see each other after work
  • Say "I love you" or "Have a Good Day" every morning
  • Say "Good Night" every night, regardless how you feel
  • Do a "weather" check during the day (Check in with each other)
  • Be proud to be seen with your partner

But the list doesn't stop there, what would you do to be romantic to your significant other?

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