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Fun things to do during a date

Dating is an important part of any relationship, whether it's new or has been going on for months or even years. By going on a date with your partner, you get to give each other undivided attention while enjoying each other's company.

It is important to note that although the occasional movie or dinner date may seem enough, diversifying a bit may have excellent results. By exploring some fun things to do with your partner, you get to discover new things about them while having a great time out.

Read on below to find out some of the interesting dating activities you can try out to spice up your relationship.

Ten Pin Bowling

Unlike going to the movies you can talk and have a drink and get to know your date better. You can use the old "I'll help you bowl" trick and you'll never forget the first time you make physical contact with your date.


Festivals are filled with fun activities which you can enjoy with your partner. From the interesting music and performances to a variety of dishes served conveniently close to the festival; you and your partner will have a long list of fun things to do and enjoy.

Lawn Sports

The main purpose of any date is to help your relationship grow. As such, there are numerous lawn games you can choose from to enjoy at the park or backyard. From badminton, Frisbee, croquet and many more; you can choose a game that has activities which grows certain aspects of your relationship such as cooperation while still having fun.

Restaurant Tour

Most couples usually plan their dates to be the most romantic events. Instead of planning a simple dinner date at one location, you can take the opportunity to sample the experience at a number of restaurants. Have some drinks at one restaurant, appetizers at another and the main course somewhere else and so forth. This ensures that you enjoy the best of what different places have to offer.


Time out on a lake, ocean or even river definitely ranks among the fun things to do for a date. You can hire a boat, yacht or kayak to use during the date. You will find that the quite natural surroundings offer the opportunity for some great alone time with your partner.

Mini Golf

If you are looking fun things to do which are old fashioned and inexpensive, then mini golf should be among your top options. This game is fun and gives you the opportunity to communicate during the date as well.

Amusement Park

Amusement parks are usually filled with a variety of fun activities to take part in as a couple. From riding the Ferris wheel, taking pictures and taking part in carnival games, you can be sure that every minute will be fun.

Wine Tasting

For all you wine enthusiasts, wine tasting is a great date idea where you can enjoy your partner's company while getting to visit different places. It is, however, worth remembering that you will need the services of a designated driver at the end of it!

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