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Strawberries and chocolate are a romantic food combination.

Romantic food ideas to make Valentine's that extra special

The food we consume contains vital nutrients that are necessary for a variety of health-boosting processes in the body. Consuming the right foods is necessary for physical growth, enhancing memory and boosting the immune system. You can also add enhanced sexual activity to that list as well since the aphrodisiacs listed below are known to boost libido and improve sexual stimulation and sensitivity.

Read on to find out some of the aphrodisiacs to include in your next romantic meal for the best outcome afterwards.


These are among the most highly rated aphrodisiacs. Oysters are rich in a variety of vitamins which have been found to play a vital role in the sexual health of both men and women. They are rich in Vitamin D, B12, Iron, and Zinc. It has been scientifically proven that Zinc plays an important role in a person's sexual capacity as well as the quality of sperm produced by men. Oysters also contain dopamine, a hormone that is known to encourage sexual arousal.


This is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs in this day and age. Chocolate is always part of every romantic date due to its aphrodisiac value. The main ingredient, cocoa, contains Phenylethylamine; this is a potent chemical that is known to encourage great feelings of excitement and well-being. Chocolate is said to enhance dopamine levels in the body as well. These properties create feelings which are vital in making physical interaction see and feel much better.


Another highly ranked food among popular aphrodisiacs, asparagus, is rich in nutrients that play a vital role in a person's sex drive. First and foremost, it is rich in Vitamin E, which is known to play a part in the production of sex hormones in both women and men. Another important nutrient affecting sex drive found in asparagus is folate. It increases histamine which is important in facilitating a healthy level of sex drive in people of both sexes.


To wash down your romantic meal, it is recommended that you turn to one of the top aphrodisiacs of all time, champagne. This bubbly drink is known to possess a higher aphrodisiac value than red wines. It is known to have the same level of antioxidants found in still wines.

Additionally, it is said that the bubbles in the drink pleasingly tickle the nose and enhance mood! Perhaps one of the notable qualities of champagne is the fact that it hits the bloodstream faster as compared to still wines thanks to the bubbles.

Planning the perfect meal for a date with your partner can be quite stressful. However, including the above-mentioned aphrodisiacs will surely make it easier for the both of you to have a sensual and intimate time during and after the date!

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