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The romantic New York skyline as the sun starts to set.

Romantic Holiday in New York - our guide to a great romantic break

From Central Park to Times Square - Here's some of the not to miss places to take your loved one when in New York.

When you are in love you can make just nearly anything romantic, but sometimes it helps to have a great backdrop as the best third party to take your romance to a whole new level. One of the best romantic backdrops that can help rejuvenate your relationship is taking a romantic holiday in New York City.

From iconic attractions like the Empire State and Grand Central Station to breath-taking beautiful views and top class restaurants, there are plenty of romantic attractions to see in New York.

Empire State Building

No romantic experience in New York would be fully complete without visiting one of America's famous landmarks, which is the Empire State Building.

In fact, this attraction is highly valued by most romantic people all over the country such that some couples even take their wedding vows here at the Cathedral of the Skies.

The Empire State has even featured in several romantic movies as the best destination for making grand romantic gestures. It is not only a place to take in the magnificent views of New York but also a place where many memorable proposals are made.

Central Park

Central Park serves more than 40 million people yearly with many romantic things to do in all seasons. In winter, there are romantic spins and sledding down Pilgrim Hill and Wollman Rink.

Visiting the park during spring offers the opportunity to picnic on the beautiful Great Lawn or going bird watching and visiting the Central Park Zoo. Summer is usually the peak of tourist season as many people descend on this location to enjoy the sun and take part in a wide range of activities from boating to enjoying free theatre. It is an excellent location to enjoy the companionship of your partner.

Grand Central Station

The Grand Central Station is a superb example of functionality meeting art. The beautiful Beaux Arts facade found on 42nd Street has majestic statues of Hercules, Mercury and Minerva.

Inside the Grand Central Station, a huge blue ceiling glows with creative lighting that depicts zodiac constellations, while in the lower level there is a highly effective transport system that supports more than half a million commuters every day. The beauty of this terminal is quite romantic, and you can even choose to re-enact your favourite movie scenes where two star-crossed lovers unite.

Times Square

Times Square is a vibrant town square where many people flock to follow major events like elections or New Year's celebrations on the big screens.

You can go and watch a romantic Broadway play with your partner or dance to some smooth jazz at one of the local pubs. There is also the world famous Madame Tussaud's exhibition where you can take a photo next to your favourite wax sculptured stars.

New York has it all and is a guaranteed destination for a true American slice of love and romance.

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