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What not to say and do on a first date

First dates can be a nerve-racking experience but are absolutely crucial, and if you manage to impress your companion, you will certainly be able to clinch a second date. That is why it is important to understand what not to do and say in order to relax and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Keep Your Smartphone in Your Pocket or Purse

Nowadays, smartphones and social media dominate our lives. However, this doesn't mean you should constantly check your smartphone when you are on a first date. This will make you look uninterested, and it is quite disrespectful for the person in front of you. After all, it is a date with him or her, not with your Facebook friends, so keep your phone in your pocket or purse and turn your attention to your potential partner.

Don't Turn Your Conversation into a Monologue

Although we all have an opinion and some really love hearing themselves speak, you should never turn your first date into a monologue that is boring and dull for the person in front of you. It takes two or more people for a conversation so don't dominate it and often let your companion speak his or her mind.

Don't Drink Too Much

This is your first date, and it is understandable to be a bit nervous. And while having a few drinks is a good way to loosen up a bit and become more open and approachable, be sure not to drink too much. Excessive drinking on your first date will make a bad impression, and you will only ridicule and embarrass yourself.

Never Mention Ex's on a First Date

It might be obvious, but many people tend to mention ex's on their first date and that is a huge mistake. In the eyes of the other, you will look like you are not over your ex and absolutely no one wants a relationship with such a person.

How to Clinch a Second Date

All that being said some might wonder how exactly to act and what to do in order to impress him or her and clinch a second date. Well, once you know what not to do, the rest is actually quite easy. Keep a steady flow of conversation by expressing your opinion and asking your date for hers or his. Once your companion starts talking, always act interested in what he or she is saying and politely smile and nod to show that you are listening carefully. Be polite both to your date and to other people, such as waiters or guests from the other tables - this will impress your companion and will show how well-mannered you are.

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